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Forgiveness and Forgetting by Maria Maitham

Ladies and gentlemen, today we’re going to talk about two things that almost everyone goes through and experiences during their lives, but I’ll tell you about them in a short story that will touch your feelings and you will feel that you have been through this before.

“Anna “will tell you her story, so take a deep breath and enjoy...

“I forgive you but I’ll never forget what you did to me “

Let me tell you something and take it as a rule in your life.

Men are very difficult to forgive, but very easy to forget, women or ladies.

It is very easy to forgive but very difficult to forget.

And this is a fact in our society today. Even god forgives people, but does not forget their injustice to others. And this is where “Anna “comes in. “Anna “has suffered a lot in her life, although she is still young, and she has also gone through difficult experiences and her mind cannot comprehend them, so we find her mature in mind and thinking.

The problems in her life started when she was 10 years old.

Where she was wronged in many situations and from many people such as her family, friends and even strangers, but “Anna “has a strong personality and was calm and in control, so she wasn't affected easily. She feels the pain inside her and hopes that her life will be better than it is. No one can describe her feeling even she can’t, and no one knows how she feels except god.

She was always sad, but she did not show that even to the closest people to her.

On the contrary, she was cheerful and always smiled and accepted the criticism of others, even if it was bullying. She loves helping people because it makes her feel better and because she also wants someone to help her. This lasted until the day she gets to know a girl named “ Zoe “ , this girl has changed “ Anna “ a lot and made her the happiest person in the world; when “ Anna “ is with her, she forgets all her problems and worries , unfortunately, their friendship lasted for only 3 years, because something happened with

“ Anna “ that changed her life forever and made her lose her best friend and her home and also caused the disintegration of her family .

I think you now realize how miserable Anna’s life is and she must be honored for her steadfastness, patience and faith that one day her life will change for the better and maybe for the worst. I forgot to tell you that this bad event was someone who can be described as the worst person in Anna’s life.

She couldn’t stand even his name being mentioned in the story, and Anna hated him very much, even though she had a good heart, she did not hate anyone who wronged her, and she forgave everyone for his mistakes, even “the bad person “she forgave him, but she did not and will not forget what he had done.

The last thing “Anna “said to “the bad person was "I forgive you but I will never forget what you did to me".

And now “Anna “is living in a different country with her father to complete her studies and become a good person in the future. hopefully one day she will be happy and we wish Anna a happy and long life, and days filled with joy and no sadness.

I think “Anna “ would surely be very happy if she could see her friend “Zoe “again and she hopes “Zoe “is well …

Goodbye my dear friends, I hope you liked the story

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