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About Peta Services

Welcome to Peta for Cultural Services from the heart of Iraq, Baghdad, where cultures converge, voices resonate, and communities thrive. As a beacon of cultural exchange and empowerment, we are dedicated to fostering understanding, respect, and solidarity among diverse Iraqi communities . Our organization stands as a catalyst for change, championing the rights and dignity of vulnerable groups, including minorities, children and Juveniles, and disadvantaged populations. Through innovative programs, collaborative initiatives, and advocacy efforts, we strive to create inclusive spaces where every individual can express themselves freely, pursue their aspirations, and contribute to a more just and harmonious society. Join us on this journey of cultural enrichment, empowerment, and social transformation.


Our Mission

 Enhancing the accessibility of all Iraqis to basic rights like education, health, protection, Identity, and creativity.


Our Vision

To create a society in Iraq where every individual, regardless of background or circumstance, has equitable access to education, healthcare, protection, cultural identity, and opportunities for creative expression in adherence with the Iraqi constitution and International conventions. We envision a future where the rights and well-being of all Iraqis are safeguarded, fostering a vibrant and inclusive society that thrives on diversity and empowerment. We believe in fruitful partnerships as means to reach the aspired goals. 

Our Scope

Peta is a registered non-governmental organization in Iraq.
We work mainly in Baghdad and other Iraqi governorates like Mosul, Kirkuk, Babil, Wasit, Karbalaa, Anbar, Basra, and others.
We partner with local NGOs, communities, representatives, governmental institutions and international partners like embassies and ICSOs. 
We work in the fields of Human Rights, Children Rights, PWDs, Educating on Inclusion, Inclusive Education, youth empowerment for local market, Environment, Climate change education and action, arts and filmmaking. 

Our services

Peta sustains its function by providing a number of services like legal translation (E- Ar -E) , creative writing workshops, and coaching.


Who We Are

Peta Center for Cultural Services: An independent local Non-Governmental organization registered under the number 1B1704007 in the NGOs Department in the General Secretariat of the Iraqi Council of Ministers on 18/4/2017. The center was established in partnership between Dr. Maitham Al-Harbi, a specialist in Arabic linguistics and modern literature, and Amal Ibrahim, a legal translator and Projects Manager. the aim is to invest in the cultural field and enrich the target groups by working in projects that have the ability to positively affect their current and future lives and address various cultural and awareness gaps and needs in various fields. The Center works in cooperation with local and international organizations in accordance with the legal contexts for the establishment of joint ventures and the performance reports are highly transparent and sustainable.

what we do

Puppet Show

Educational Puppet shows 

30 schools in the outskirts of Baghdad 2013

Organic Garden

The Tree Scouts

Environmental Aid Project in 30 schools and several rural areas in Baghdad 2013. self- funded projects.

Beautiful Young Girl

Youth on call

Since 2014, Peta has been providing youth with language skills, creative Writing, computer and programs skills and other related tools to win a decent place in the job  market.

Drawing Class

Young Mutanabi Center

In 2016, The doors of YMC opened to receive the children of old Baghdad area that is choked with disadvantaged kids from all walks of life.. With the support of the Australian Embassy in Baghdad and the Baghdadi Cultural Center, the center has become their hope and is still open till this day.


Boys in Guitar Class

Music for development

in 2016, Peta launched its project for healing traumatized kids with music. the touch of the instrument was the entry to a brighter world..

the center is recently developing a multi-donor project for music therapy.

Art Class

Active Citizens

Partnering with the British Council in Iraq

Peta Center was one of the four Iraqi NGOs nation-wide to be selected to design and implement a number of social action projects under the umbrella of the Active Citizens Program that was funded by the European Union and delegated to the British Council in Baghdad

during the couple of years Peta managed to design and implement 14 SAPs for supporting

Capacity Building for Primary and Secondary Education in Iraq with focus on inclusive education and how to eliminate dropping out of school for different communities. 14 customized projects were implemented.


Children's Rights

working with the German Foreign Ministry, Felsberg Institute, and German Embassy in Baghdad

the project was launched in two main phases the first was the writing, illustrating and printing 5 hardcover children Rights stories covering the rights of: Education, Health, Life, , and protection from child labor. printing was executed in Iraq/ Basrah

the second phase was the awareness campaigns that took place in Basra, Baghdad, Karbalaa, Kut, Kirkuk and Mosul. the gatherings were held in open air gardens, orphanages, private and public schools, streets, theatres, IDPs camps and libraries.

the events included readings by authors and accompaniying drawing, open discussions with children, games, presents, and creative writing sessions. 

cinema teens.png

cinema teens

funded by the German Embassy in Baghdad, Peta center designed and implemented a filmmaking project for teenagers where the participants lived the journey from research, gathering material , reaching the drama peak and all related technical and artistic interventions, they learned about audio, lighting, directing, and a bit about festivals and marketing.

Research Project by UCL/ AlNahrain Network 2024/ 2025

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